• 2x 2.40GHz CPU

  • 2048MB DDR3 RAM

  • 80GB Disk Space (HDD)

  • 4TB Bandwidth

  • Daily, Weekly backups

Price: 6$/month


  • 1x 2.40GHz CPU

  • 2048MB DDR3 RAM

  • 40GB Disk Space (SSD)

  • 10TB Bandwidth

  • No backup

Price: 7$/month

KVM Windows VPS

  • 1x 2.40GHz CPU

  • 2048MB DDR3 RAM

  • 40GB Disk Space

  • 10TB Bandwidth

  • No backup

Price: 12$/month

Due to high demand, we are currently out of stock. Please come back after a few days.

Superior VPS Solution!


High Class Data Centers and Machines!

No matter which budget you have, you can be sure that your VPS will be hosted in one of the best data centers. To make your choice of server even easier we have created an exclusive selection of high performing and stable machines.


Management Services Like Nowhere Else!

Our best experts will take care of your VPS. We will setup your server initially, keep all server software always up-to-date, monitor 24/7 the performance of your machine and react immediately in case of an issue.


Lots of features!

Services include DNS manager, email, web hosting, email parking, domain registration.

Software Used

Basic Server Setup
  • Apache Web Server
  • Exim Mail Server
  • DNS Server Setup
  • 7 PHP Versions: v5.5, v5.4, v.5.3, etc.
  • Database MySQL5 & PostgreSQL


Management Options
  • CPanel/ WHM
  • DirectAdmin CPanel and Softaculous
  • DirectAdmin with Reseller Privileges



Go To The Next Level With Web Performance Booster


Joomla Booster

For really big and popular Joomla websites!

Drupal Booster

For really big and popular Drupal websites!
Magento Booster

Magento Booster

For really big and popular Magento websites!

General Booster

For really big and popular  websites!



Special server setup for high performance

The Cloud Performance Booster includes a unique server setup with multiple performance optimizations, including fastCGI and APC (Alternative PHP Cache). This setup has been extensively tested by our experts and has proved to improve the performance of Joomla, WordPress, Magento and most of the other PHP-based applications dramatically.


Multiple site-speed improvement options in our SuperCacher

As part of the Performance Booster you will also receive our SuperCacher. It will be added to your cPanel and will allow you to take advantage of several different options for performance improvement including Memcached and Google PageSpeed. For Joomla, WordPress and Magento the SuperCacher also allows the usage of an advanced dynamic caching option based on the accelerator Varnish.

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